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We meet the fourth Sunday of the month January to October at the Audelia Road Branch Library, 10045 Audelia Road, Dallas, 75238.  See map.

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Since 1993, the GDOGC has been promoting organic and sustainable gardening methods. Come be a part of a fun and informative club.


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NOTICE:  Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines GDOGC meetings are temporarily postponed until further notice.  Check back or watch your emails for updates and announcements for vitural meetings.

Our website is a place for anyone interested in organic gardening, eco and sustainable living to find and share information and events centered around these topics. We meet the at the Audelia Road Branch Library, 10045 Audelia Road, Dallas, 75238.     2:30 refreshments, 3pm meeting start.




Our September 2020 vitural program is Fall Vegetable Gardening presented by Jim Ewoldsen.

Fall is the best season to plant a vegetable garden in North Texas. 

Many gardeners from other parts of the country are accustomed to growing vegetables in the spring, but in North Texas spring planting is often delayed by wet or cold weather and then plants are exposed to too-hot weather before they mature.

Generally in the fall, the weather is not as unpredictable and rainfall is more plentiful.

Variety selection is important because early maturing varieties yield a bountiful harvest before cold weather arrives.

Vegetables and Herbs for the Fall Garden will provide an overview of what to grow in the fall, when to plant, and how to protect the crops.  You will be provided with many of the varieties of vegetable and herbs perform well here in the fall garden.

Travis County – Fall Vegetable Gardening Seminar

Jim Ewoldsen has been a Master Gardener in Collin County for almost 14 years. He has specialized in vegetable gardening and insects.  He started vegetable gardening working in the vegetable garden since he was 4 or 5 years old helping his Mom and Grandmas plant, weed, chase bugs and harvest.
Jim has been Master Gardener of the year twice, received the Lifetime Achievement award, and been President Of the Collin County Association.
His wife Judy and he started the annual Collin County Garden Show which present 6-8000 citizens to make meet and shop with 60+ local horticulture vendors and attend numerous workshops and demonstrations during the weekend.
Jim also teaches vegetable gardening and garden pests to the new Master Gardener class each year.
Check you email inbox soon for access to this Zoom presentation.


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