submitted by Jacki Fry Brewer

While exploring Half Price Books garden book section, I found a wonderful book called Front Yard Gardens - Growing More Than Grass  by Liz Primeau.  It is beautifully photographed by Andrew Leyerle.

Inside you will find garden suggestions for just about any type of front yard garden you may want to create.  With the trend to reduce the amount of grass in our yards, as well as the need to fertilize or use pesticides, this is a great book to get ideas on how to approach changing your landscape.  The wonderful pictures are also an armchair tour of some lovely spaces.


Submitted by Chrissy Cortez-Mathis

Trees are the number one landscape plant that raises the value of your home. Some studies show up to a 20% increase in value for mature trees.

If you are thinking about adding or replacing a tree, now is the time to consider what kind of tree you would like.
Here is a wonderful website that is specific to Texas & has great tips to help you decide what kind of tree you would like for your property.
When to plant?? From late fall, after leaf drop, to early spring, before the trees start to bud is the best time to plant your tree. On average from November to early March.
Check out this website for tips on how to properly plant your tree. There's even a video!!
Once you have purchased your tree & put it in the ground, if you live in the City of Richardson, they would love to include it in the Tree the Town count.
Please see the link below so that you can register your tree.
As the Dallas Urban Foresters say, "Trees are the Answer!"