Sadly for the first in our series of articles on former GDOGC (or DOGC) presidents, we remember Rosa Schachle, who was president in the mid-90’s. Rosa passed away in 2010.

Member Anne McMahon emailed: “Rosa is the person who more than any other insured I would come back to DOGC after my first meeting. I had the pleasure of visiting her garden twice. Her garden was definitely a gardeners garden.”

From Elizabeth Sims: “I got my first introduction to good friable, conditioned soil in Rosa Schachle’s garden at a Fourth of July party she hosted probably in 1977.  I had never experienced soil like that.  I was invited because she always invited the Southwestern Medical Biomedical Master’s program students to lunch at her home on 4th of July.  She was Admin to the Chairman of the Biomedical Communications Department at Southwestern Medical School.  I’ll never forget her laugh, remembering how she always tipped her head back when she laughed.”

For a lovely tribute to Rosa including a photo:

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We hope you enjoy our series this year on former GDOGC presidents –the editor

Travelogue English Gardens Vol. III

Hidcote Manor Gardens, near Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England is a beautiful example of multiple garden rooms filled with different varieties of plants. With the sheep baaing in the nearby pastures, the setting was perfect for our late July visit. The hydrangeas and dahlias alone were brilliant! The style is Arts and Crafts and was created by the talented American horticulturist, Major Lawrence Johnston its colourful and intricately designed outdoor ‘rooms’ are always full of surprises. It’s a must-see if you’re on holiday in the Cotswolds. Explore the maze of narrow paved pathways and discover secret gardens, magnificent vistas and plants that burst with colour. Many of the plants found growing in the garden were collected from Johnston’s many plant hunting trips to far away places. It’s the perfect place if you’re in need of gardening inspiration.

Find a quiet spot and sit on one of the ornate benches and watch green woodpeckers search for their lunch or listen to the calls from the buzzards circling overhead. Time it right and you might catch a glimpse of the elusive hummingbird moth.

Meander through the intricate gardens and into the Wilderness. This secluded stretch of tall trees is just right for a picnic. Take a glimpse beyond the boundary and see the garden blend effortlessly into the countryside beyond.





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