Kew Gardens

Royal Botanic Kew Garden
I was in London in late May, tagging along with my husband who was there on business. While he was in meetings I took the Underground to Kew Gardens one lovely morning…and OH MY GOODNESS! Three hundred acres of heaven (to me).
Originally Kew Gardens was formed by Lord Capel John of Tewkesbury in the mid-1700s. In 1840 the gardens were adopted as a national botanical garden. Today it is the world’s largest collection of living plants. I walked around for 5 hours in awe the entire time. It seemed as though every tree and plant was labeled just for me. I loved the greenhouses (including rooms of carnivorous plants) as well as the open areas with tidy paths leading throughout the gardens.
I enjoyed the student interns’ gardens: the clever way they supported vines, the layout of the plantings, etc. I asked one intern where they kept the gardens’ compost. Apparently it’s enormous and kept behind-the-scenes; also its manure is collected from the Queen’s stables. Royal poop for the Royal garden? Only the best! That tickled me.
With a goofy smile on my face and very tired feet, I rode the tube back to the hotel loaded with stories for my somewhat mystified husband. It was one of the highlights of my trip; a “must-see” place to visit if you’re ever in London. 

Paula Barber
GDOGC Member