Travelogue: English Gardens Vol. I

Travelogue: England

This is the first of three installments from my recent trip to the UK. We visited three gorgeous large gardens and multiple small ones. First, I’ll cover Hidcote Manor Garden in the beautiful Cotswalds outside Chipping Camdon. It was created by an American, Major Lawrence Johnston, in the Arts and Crafts style. It is famous for its intricately designed outdoor “garden rooms”. Each “room” was completely different. There was a white garden, red border, succulent garden, amazing greenhouse, vegetable garden and much more. Even a tennis court and racquets were available! The trees were gorgeous, including several long striking lawns lined by trees with focal points at the end. The height of the plants was astonishing as demonstrated by my 6’4” husband Brian. I loved the way they had little jars with cut flowers and labels in some of the outbuildings. Perfect if you were wondering the identification of a bloom, and a great idea for our upcoming garden tour! The sheep “baaa’ing” in the nearby fields made very clear we were in jolly old England. For more photos, see the GDOGC Facebook page.

Allison Liddell

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