Organic Gardening

Mycorrhizal Fungi

Our speaker at the April meeting was quite enjoyable. Marcia presented us with a mini talk on butterfly gardening. We always learn new little tidbits of information about butterflies every time we hear someone talk about them. They are our #2 pollinator! Then Marcia showed us all the new organic garden products that are now available at the big box garden centers. That was news we could use. One specific product she was especially thrilled about is Jobe's Knock-Out Rose Food. It contains Mycorrhiza fungi which is so beneficial for healthy roots. Here is a link about this important fungi:
The Benefits of Mycorrhizal Fungi Gardening Tips This article is an introduction to beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and how to encourage their presence.

Want to plant a tree?

Trees are best planted when they are dormant. A recent article in the Dallas Morning News listed these 6 trees as top choices for North Texas, according to some of our more famous local garden experts:

Mexican Plum, Cedar Elm, Chinkapin Oak, Bald Cypress, Lacebark Elm, and Desert Willow (pictured)


Check it out!