Here are a couple pictures our Vice-president John Caldwell shared of his tomato harvest. 

John_Caldwells_tomato_harvest canning

John entered a "Biggest Tomato" contest at his local Calloways garden center.  He came in second with a tomato weighing 1lb 8oz.  The winner was 1lb 9oz.  Well, not a bad showing John.  You showed folks what they can produce organically.

John explains:

 In the first photo:  "The paper bags are being used to ripen the pink tomatoes and the red tomatoes are ready for sharing and canning."

In the second photo: "...shows the canned tomatoes and my 1 pound 8 oz tomato that came in #2 for ‘biggest tomato’ at Calloway’s."

John also stated, "The key to a good tomato harvest is to start a wide variety of seeds indoors in January.  Some of the varieties will produce well and some will not produce well.  Save the seeds from the winners and plant them next year.  Our tomato harvest so far is about 170 pounds."

Thanks John for sharing your secrets for a successful bounty.