Turmeric/Tamrind Juice

Here is a treat from Josephine's presentation last month:

Turmeric / Tamarind juice
by Josephine Rihoo

3-4 small raw turmeric roots
3-4 large (or six small) raw tamarind pods
2 large lemons, or 3 smaller lemons
Honey to taste
Slice the turmeric and put it in pan to boil with at least 3 cups of water.  Boil 20 minutes so some water will evaporate.  The water will be bright orange/yellow.
Clean the tamarind pods by peeling the dry skin and the strings, put the fruit (still containing seeds) in a glass container.  Pour some of the boiling water from the turmeric pan and pour over the tamarind and let them soak while turmeric is cooling down.
Place the turmeric pieces in food processor, without water, and crush them. Place the softened tamarind fruit in a strainer.  Gradually pour turmeric water over the tamarind, mashing the tamarind fruit pulp with a wooden spoon, through the strainer into the food processor, retaining the tamarind seeds and the second skin in the strainer. Discard seeds and skin.
Combine turmeric and tamarind fruit pulp in food processor with the juice of two large lemons, (or 3 small) and mix. Can add more water if mixture is too thick to drink. You can also rinse the pan with water and pour it in the mix too.
Add honey, to taste.
Shake well before pouring, and enjoy an ounce or two a day.