Mike DeGroot, a Dallas resident and new member of the GDOGC graciously provided these images of his gardens. 

Join us on a little tour.


  shade garden 2 

"Working in the soil and watching things grow is peaceful and psychologically cleansing. I call it my "dirt therapy."

"I've been gardening since I was a boy. Maybe that means I need a lot of therapy."                          shadegarden              

"I'm not afraid to experiment with new things-even if success is a crap shoot.

My philosophy is that every garden has some plants that are thriving...when by all logic they should be dead."

"mikes bee balm   


"And on the flip side, every garden has some plants that are just not happy when they should be flourishing. There is always something new to learn."

mikes deck

"Gardening is a process, and gardening is never "done".

 Thanks Mike for the tour and for sharing your thoughts.

(If you would like to share images of your garden contact Jacki, GDOGC Webgoddess via facebook or the Contact Us page of this site.)



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Judy Barrett is the founding editor and publisher of HOMEGROWN: Good Sense Organic Gardening (now available online).  She was previously the editor of The New Garden Journal and one of the hosts of the public television series, The New Garden.  A long-time organic gardener, Judy writes for various regional and national gardening publications.

She is the author of several gardening books. Her books: Easy Edibles: How to Grow & Enjoy Fresh Food was published by Texas A&M Press in the fall of 2015.  What Can I Do With My Herbs? was published by Texas A&M Press in the spring of 2009. What’s So Great About Heirloom Plants? was published by Texas A&M Press in October, 2010. Recipes From and For the Garden (TAMU Press) appeared in 2012. Yes You Can Grow Roses from Texas A&M Press came out in 2013. Other books include Tomatillos:  A Gardener’s Dream A Cook’s Delight and How To Become An Organic Gardener in 7 Easy Steps.