President's Notes

What a month! May and June have been unusually stormy to the point of flooding and destruction.

Tips for plant - and people- recovery:

  1. Remove only damaged branches and limbs. Save the regular pruning for winter when the tree or shrub is dormant.

  2. Be patient. The last 3 years have been extreme - cold, ice, drought, heat and now - rain. Our plants are recovering!

  3. Avoid walking on the lawn or planting areas when the soil is wet. Our thick black clay can easily compress and injure roots and reduce available oxygen in the soil.

  4. Reduce the bite by using mosquito repellents. BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) dunks can be placed in plant saucers, rain barrels, birdbaths and even gutters. Cedar-based granules are available to treat your lawn and planting areas.

Don’t miss our next meeting on Sunday, June 23. Refreshments at 2:30 PM and meeting at 3 PM. We will learn more about the native black land prairie on which we live.

Happy gardening!

Davene Morgan
GDOGC President

Top gardening goals for 2024:

  1. Take time to enjoy my garden.
  2. Reflect on the before and after.
  3. Enjoy the process.
  4. Mulch more.
  5. Water less.
  6. Plant the plants I have before buying more.

Number 6 may not be realistic, but it is good to have a challenge!

HGC Ice N Roses "Early Rose" hellebore

What are your gardening goals? What topics can we cover to help you achieve them? Our first free monthly meeting is Sunday, January 28. 2:30 PM starts the refreshments and the meeting begins at 3 PM in the classroom at North Haven Gardens. Hope to see you there!

Be sure to join us and experience all our member-exclusive benefits for 2024 like member garden tours, a field trip, seed exchange, and holiday party. https://www.gdogc.org/join-membership.html

Davene Morgan
GDOGC President.