A little travelogue from the Loire Valley, Franc


  Check-out this site: http://www.gardenvisit.com/garden/chaumont-sur-loire or, even better, head to France, to the Loire Valley and visit the wonderful palaces and gardens there. With Booking.com, you can find a lot better deals than advertised at this site, but well then, some of you may actually want to stay in a real chateaux. I have just toured the Loire Valley and seen the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire where garden-artists exhibit their flowery creations. It is a real art exhibit where plants provide the medium for creating art. Some art works are on the bizarre side – such as a plot with planted brooms (supposedly later in the year something will grow on them) – and some are charming (my favorite is a French bed with linens and all in the middle of a rose bed), but no matter what the theme is, all the plots are original and delightful, and all of them are full of plants. A French chateaux in the background is not bad either. However, for those of us who think that these buildings are may be just a bit too big and old-fashioned to be energy efficient (perhaps also too large to fit our budget), we still may be able to incorporate some features of the garden exhibits in our own little garden art-plots by our own houses that we may still call a castle no matter how big or small that greater Dallas home may be. I hope you enjoy these picture I took during my trip to France. On Facebook I have some pictures from Austria and Slovakia too.                                                                                                               Györgyi Szebenyi