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Judy Barrett is the founding editor and publisher of HOMEGROWN: Good Sense Organic Gardening (now available online).  She was previously the editor of The New Garden Journal and one of the hosts of the public television series, The New Garden.  A long-time organic gardener, Judy writes for various regional and national gardening publications.

She is the author of several gardening books. Her books: Easy Edibles: How to Grow & Enjoy Fresh Food was published by Texas A&M Press in the fall of 2015.  What Can I Do With My Herbs? was published by Texas A&M Press in the spring of 2009. What’s So Great About Heirloom Plants? was published by Texas A&M Press in October, 2010. Recipes From and For the Garden (TAMU Press) appeared in 2012. Yes You Can Grow Roses from Texas A&M Press came out in 2013. Other books include Tomatillos:  A Gardener’s Dream A Cook’s Delight and How To Become An Organic Gardener in 7 Easy Steps.