Limon talinum - Jewels of Opar or Flameflower

Limon talinum - Jewels of Opar or Flameflower

I found this plant at Lowes in Richardson last year and thought I'd give it a try.  Wow, what a nice plant.

Not only do you get that nice limegreen foliage but then you get these wispy stalks topped with red buds that turn into

delicate, tiny, bright pink flowers all through the summer.  It handles our hot, summer sun, too.  I planted mine in a pot

with stick verbena and foxtail fern.  When it got too leggy I cut it back and it came back up no questions asked.  And it

re-seeds on demands almost.  Mid summer I began seeing these little lime green leaves along the edges of the

garden and I had a bunch of new starts.  And if that isn't a bonus, the original plant is coming back in the pot I

planted it in last summer.  I gave the pot some protection over this past winter as I didn't want to loose my

foxtail fern but wouldn't you know- our sub-freezing temps didn't faze this beauty.  I saved some seed and

planted them today to see if they will sprout for me.  Maybe I'll have some for the babies for the plant sale.

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