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The following information is provided by North Texas Master Naturalist Sean and Chrissy Cortez-Mathis.

 Biodiversity in the Landscape
20 Great Native Plants for Biodiversity
Frogfruit - Semi-evergreen - spreading ground cover. Tolerates foot traffic. Small white flowers. Sun. *
Horseherb - Perennial - spreading ground cover. It can be mown or leave it to grow to 8”. Yellow flowers. It dies back with a freeze but comes back faithfully. Tolerates foot traffic. Sun to shade.
Texas Columbine - Evergreen - 2x2’ - Feathery foliage & unusual yellow flowers in the spring. Shade. Pipevine - Perennial - vine - Host for the Pipevine Swallowtail. Early sun & afternoon shade. *
Mealy Blue Sage - Perennial - 1x3’- Blue flowers to frost.Hummingbird & butterfly favorite.Sun-part sun.* Zexmenia - Perennial - 2x3’- Yellow flowers from May to Nov. Part shade to sun. *
Salvia Greggii - Semi-evergreen shrub - 3x3’ - Many colors. Pollinator attractor. Sun-part shade. Gregg’s Mist - Perennial - 2’ - Spreads. Purple flowers all summer. Butterfly attractor. Sun-part sun. * Passion Vine - Semi-evergreen - Spreads. Unusual flowers. Sun to part shade. *
Rock Rose - Semi-evergreen shrub - 2.5 x 3’ - Pink flowers May–Nov. Part shade to sun. Thornless Prickly Pear - Evergreen - 5x6’ - Yellow flowers in spring - Sun to part shade. *
Turk's cap - Perennial - 6' - Hummingbird favorite. More sun, more height. Sun to shade.
Datura - Perennial - 3x3’ - Large white flowers & blooms at night. Sun to shade. *
Frostweed - Perennial - 3x7’ - White blooms Oct-Nov. Pollinator favorite. Monarchs love it.Sun to shade.*
Red Yucca - Evergreen - 3x3’ - Coral tubular flowers spring through summer. Sun to part shade.
Texas Sage - Evergreen - 5x8’ - Silver leaves with pink flowers after rain. Sun to part sun. *
Flame Acanthus - Perennial - 3x3’ - Woody shrub with red tubular flowers. Sun to part shade.
Feathergrass - Evergreen - 18” - No shearing, just comb & make seed balls. Sun to part shade.
Inland Sea Oats - Perennial - 2’ Long leaves with fun seed pod. Reseeds freely. Shade–part shade. *
Little Blue Stem - Perennial - 3x3’ - Grass for mass plantings. Nesting material & seeds for birds. Sun.
* Host plant for butterflies & moths 
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North American Vascular Flora

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