Forced paperwhites might or might not recover outdoors if they were forced
by the common without any potting soil; bulbs forced out of soil
are much, much more depleted after blooming. But even then they have a
better chance than would forced tulips or crocuses, so long as the grass
is still healthy when you do get them in soil. Protect the grass at all
costs, since without leaves it cannot photosynthesize & the bulbs cannot
derive nutrients from the soil to rebuild energy. If you have places in
the garden where you don't care that they may not perform well for a
couple years if ever, but it would be nice to give them the chance, then
go for it; but if you've limited space & would be disappointed in a drift
of bulbs that performed badly, then discard the spent bulbs to plant fresh
ones when its bulb-planting time."

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