Our May 2022 meeting was all about insects that are identified as true bugs.  Our speaker provided for us the following resource for a company in California that provides insects for biological control.  See links below:




We are the oldest among commercial free-enterprise insectaries and have been the pioneer for a growing biological control industry and profession since the late 1950’s.

We maintain distinction within the industry in our development work and in our emphasis on building habitat diversity and conserving natural enemies. This ensures biological control programs that are affordable and work.



  • Produce beneficial insects and organisms designed by nature to control pests.
  • Distribute organisms and goods from reputable suppliers.
  • Support our customers with current technical information.
  • Support the Dietrick Institute for Applied Insect Ecology.
  • Develop distribution in an expanding network of biocontrol experts.
  • Make responsible choices for the planet.
  • Make responsible choices for the community.