Cucumber Lemon Refresher


1 large firm cucumber

2 large Lemons

48” Lemon grass

4- 4” sprigs of Spearmint

Preparation: Remove stem and blossom ends of cucumber, then slice rounds from very thin to 1/4th inch and place half in your gallon size pitcher and half in to a 2 Qt pan. Next slice thin rounds from the middle of the lemons (leaving about 1/3 at each end) and place slices into the pitcher. Squeeze the juice from the ends into pitcher and put peels into pan with cucumber. Put 24 inches of lemon grass in the pitcher and chop the remainder into 3-4 inch pieces and add to pan along with 1 sprig of Spearmint, fill with water and boil for 10 minutes. Add the remainder of mint to the pitcher with 4 bottles of water. Scoop out the solids from pan add ice to cool down and then combine with the pitcher and stir, pour a glass for you and refrigerate the rest. After a few hours remove the mint as the lemon juice will have cooked it and it looks brown and depending on acidity the lemon grass may brown some also.

submitted by Debbie Brooks