The following folks have stepped up to the challenge to fill the 2021 GDOGC board positions.
President.....Allison Liddell
Vice President....Paula Barber
Secretary.....Dianna Gifford
Treasurer.....Davene Morgan
Public Relations.....
Membership.....Sigrid Ruetti
Newsletter.....Elizabeth Negron
Facebook Admin.....Allison Liddell
Volunteer coordinators.....Debbie Doyle and Karen Wright
Website........Jacki Brewer
Hospitality.....Rhonda Boston, Marjie Caldwell, Betsy Porter
Greeters.....Shelby Collier

We still have 2 opportunities for you.
Do you like engaging with the community and local media to promote organic gardening and the GDOGC? Well, Our Public Relations positiong is for you.
Are you always searching for interesting and engaging lectures or speakers related to organic gardening, the enviroment or sustainbale living? Our Programs position could be a great way to connect.
Give it some thought. The GDOGC has been an important part of the DFW organic gardening scene since 1993. Our dedicated volunteers are who keep us “”growing strong”.
Contact Jacki if you are interested at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..