A big THANK YOU to the following folks who are our new board and committee members for 2019.

thank you


Our club functions successfully because we have a great group of folks who volunteer.   There are many more volunteer  opportunities through the year in which to participate with events such as the plant sale, planning the field trip, the garden tour, and the many table events we attend to represent our club and get the word out.

These are our new board and committee members for 2019. 

President:  Mike DeGroot

Vice-President:  Cynthia Armstrong

Secrectary:  Carol Brabham

Treasurer:  Coralie Miller

Programs:  Debbie Brooks

Membership:  Roxanne McCreery

Volunteer Coordinator:  Paula Barber

Public Realtions/Media:  Nancy Seaburg

Hospitality:  Betsy Porter and Debbie Strecker

Greeters:  Marjie Caldwell and Shelby Collier

Newsletter:  Allison Liddell

Website:  Jacki Brewer

Historical Committee:  Gyorgyi Szebenyi and Barbara Stockard